The JOYFull BadAss Network
The JOYFull BadAss Network
Janifer Wheeler

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About Us

The JOYFull BadAss Network supports current and prospective students of The JOYFull BadAss Academy. 

Led by Janifer Wheeler, The JOYFull BadAss Whisperer, this community is designed to empower women to unleash their own BadAssery into the world. 

Why You Should Join Us

When you join the JOYFull BadAss Network, you are in the company of some very special women. 

Basic membership is free! This gives you access to our entire community where you can interact with other women for inspiration, motivation, solutions and celebrations. 

Education is KEY at the JFBN. Community members will get access to new training as it's launched and special discounts for personal and professional development at The Academy. 

VIP Memberships are available that include benefits such as free courses, LIVE MasterHives and Bonus Content from industry experts. 

A Big Thanks

Thanks to everyone who joins! When we build BadAss communities, everyone wins!